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16 - July - 2018

Castilla-La Mancha Media is an autonomous public sector responsible for the production of news and programs aimed at a Castilian audience in La Mancha. Both the technological evolution as well as the demand of the consumers make it necessary a great change of the production flows having a final product of higher quality made in the shortest time. Castilla-La Mancha Media has relied on the services of Datos Media Technologies to achieve optimal performance with the best audiovisual technology integration solution.

  "The Autonomous Television of Castilla-La Mancha since its inception has been committed to technology, now due to the age of the Avid Isis system we have seen the time to update this technology that has given us such a good result, that"s why we have chosen to continue updating the Avid PAM system and taking advantage of this update we have introduced the virtualization of part of the components of the Avid system. The technicians of Castilla-La Mancha Media are very excited about this new technological challenge, since there is a big jump in the type of technology used in this new installation and a wide range of possibilities in the exploitation. "(Jesus Sanchez Villalba, Director Technician of Castilla-La Mancha Media) "

The project includes a renewal of the news production system and programs of both the main production center and the delegations. For this renewal, leading brands in the sector have been chosen for their quality, power and experience, such as Avid, Root6, Glookast, VMware and Cisco.  

"The time of implementation was important, so thanks to the technical team of Datos Media as well as the maturity of the integrated systems, it has been possible to carry out the engineering, wiring, start-up, integration, implementation and training in less than 6 weeks "(David Martinez COO Datos Media)  

Avid Mediacentral UX has been used as an access platform for customers, having advantages over the previous system, such as the fact that high-performance workstations are not required, the possibility of remote access via WEB without the need to generate proxy copy, the incorporation of the iNews WEB client in addition to the possibility of integration of third parties in interface opening doors to extensions with other brands. This opens the possibility of being able to produce information and material edited outside the production center.

A cluster of Avid Nexis E4 engines will be responsible for storing in a shared way all the material needed for production. A storage system that presents some of the best features in collaboration resources for this workflow. Security, high accessibility, power are some of the features along with the reliability offered by Avid with its experience in the sector.


Whether through the use of Mediacomposer editing stations such as Mediacentral UX, the Interplay PAM database unifies the contents and allows to follow the workflow in any of the applications according to the requirements of the edition


For playout, the AVID AirSpeed ​​5500 equipment has been chosen to provide HD playback capacity and at the same time be compatible with existing SD formats in Castilla-La Mancha Media. It has the reliability needed to produce and offer high quality news programs, television programs and sports programs.

Each AirSpeed ​​5500 server has 4 independent outputs that support SD and HD as well as a large internal storage capacity.


For the intake of material, Glookast servers and an Interplay Capture control system were used. They have high availability of configuration and redundancy.

 Root6 will perform the automation of the intake as well as the transcoding of the input and output contents to the system in the different delegations. Additionally, they have been provided with a plugin to allow the reading of the memory cards of the ENG camcorders connected to the stations and to initiate the process of ingesting the central storage, in addition to registering in Interplay.

For redundancy and security, a new 10GE dual-core network has been installed for connectivity, which connects with the current 1GE connectivity access switches for each newsroom and 1GE dual connection and control stations for the post-production rooms. The suggested core consists of two Cisco switches with ports of 40 and 10 Gigbits. It should be noted that the system is virtualized with VMWare granting security, redundancy and hardware savings.

"It has been a great challenge to be able to provide an integration solution to our client Castilla-La Mancha Media, providing them with a powerful system and remote integration with their different branches. A system that not only improves the quality of production but also provides the ubiquity feature and can work outside the center, improving production and collaboration times "(Juan Labandeira,  Project Manager of Datos Media)


With all this, Datos Media has contributed with its integration solution to provide great work tools to continue producing information and entertainment for the audience of Castilla-La Mancha Media.

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