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Datos Media implements the on air graphics newsroom system at RTVE Sant Cugat

Datos Media implements the on air graphics newsroom system at RTVE Sant Cugat

25 - February - 2017

Datos Media Technologies has carried out a project for the renovation of graphics and titling systems in RTVE Sant Cugat, as well as the adaptation and improvement of the current workflows of the graphic design area, allowing fast centralized access to projects, templates, images, maps, among others, from the suites of the news production, video editors and different centers.

In order to achieve these goals, we turned to the integration of Avid Maestro Suite, Avid WorldMapper as well as their respective plugins and hardware. These solutions guarantee the total integration with the existing equipment in the centers, Avid iNews system, Avid Command automation and advanced edition clients.

“Once again, it has been a pleasure to work with RTVE. Their collaboration has been invaluable in this project as well as the reliability, experience and security that the AVID brand brings. It has been very satisfying to contribute to improving the flow and quality of the RTVE production.” 

(Virginia López, Project Manager Datos Media Technologies)

Avid Maestro Suite is a modular solution, which allows to create, distribute or broadcast video and 2D/3D high resolution graphics. In this Project the users have been provided with the possibility to produce advanced graphics using the templates, from the positions of the news editing workstations and the advanced editing workstations, Avid Newscutter and MediaComposer, allowing a real time preview of the texts and graphics which are ready to be broadcasted. 

Avid WorldMapper is a tool which allows you to create maps for location and recreation of news. It gives the user the option to enrich the media with an infographic element introducing it in the production of its information or any program.

All under the technical capability of Avid HDVG + which allows you to perform graphic renders made by the clients without consuming their local resources and also makes it possible to broadcast these elements in the best quality and with the highest security. 

The compatibility between this system and the existing ones has also been taken into account. With the different plugins, it is possible to import or export different projects, clips and objects to other graphic design tools, saving time and making work easier. 

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