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IB3 relies on Data Media and Oracle technology to update its archive system

IB3 relies on Data Media and Oracle technology to update its archive system

20 - December - 2018

IB3 is a channel belonging to the Public Broadcasting Company of the Balearic Islands (EPRTVIB), dedicated to the production and broadcasting of television. Its broadcast covers both the Balearic Islands and Catalonia as well as the main cable operators.

The high demand for high definition content as well as the need to update the current file system have been the main causes for the development of this project. To do this, Oracle technology has been chosen as a solution, as well as the integration experience of Datos Media Technologies.

For this project we have opted to continue with LTO tape technology, integrating LTO-8 and maintaining its compatibility with the LTO-2 and LTO-3 of the existing old library. In this way, Oracle"s StorageTek SL8500 library has been extended with LTO-8 drives, as well as built-in tape migration and replication mechanisms controlled by Oracle Diva.

This system performs the tasks of migration of material from the LTO2 and LTO3 tapes to LTO8, also archives the new material in addition to recovering it for production although it is filed in any of the two libraries.

Another point of interest is the implementation of a copy of the material in the cloud. This is possible thanks to the Oracle Cloud technology in which double copies of contents will be migrated which currently amounts to about 2 PB. This option opens the door, not only to the possibility of accessing the file in the cloud, but also to the possibility of recovery in case of failure of existing local tape copies.

Diva Director and Diva Actor of Oracle will be in charge of automating all those flows of migration, ingestion, recovery and integration of double copies in the cloud. Both have a compatibility with any material in high definition that was demanded in this project

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