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Datos Media Technologies has integrated a screen system on the TVE News set

Datos Media Technologies has integrated a screen system on the TVE News set

17 d February dl 2021

Datos Media has been responsible for the integration of an entire LED screen monitoring system for TVE on the news set. For this project, products of the highest range of Alfalite have been chosen, a Spanish company with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, together with technology from NovaStar.

A total of 4 screens of different lengths (4, 7, 9 and 15 meters) with a height of 2.5 meters have been installed and configured, distributed on the main set of the information services. The largest screen has a length of 14 meters and a total resolution of 9,830,400 px (7680x1280). The total surface area of ​​screens installed on this set is close to 90m2, with a total of 350 ModularPix Pro 1 ORIM modules from Alfalite and their corresponding processing and scaling systems from NovaPro from NovaStar.

The Alfalite ModularPix Pro P1 ORIM Cabinet is assembled with an aluminum chassis for having more precision and robustness in the required assembly. The PowerBox includes a power supply designed by Alfalite, allowing the maximum reliability and optimization of energy existing in the market by working below the energy requirement demanded by the panel. The pixel pitch dimensions are 1.95mm composed of RGB 3 in an SMD. The pixel density reaches 262,144 pixels / m2. The resolution of each panel is 256x256 pixels since it is made up of 4 modules of 128x128 pixels. The dimensions of each panel are 500 x 500 mm (250 x 250 mm each module). In addition to having an excellent refresh rate of 3,900 Hz, a brightness of 1,800 cd / m2, a high contrast of 5000: 1 (16-bit gray scale).

In addition to a great brightness and color calibration system with a scale capable of reproducing more than 281 trillion colors. The color temperature is automatically adjustable with a range of 3200 to 10000 K. With an estimated life of 100,000 hours it is a great silent solution, since its design does not need fans for cooling All screens have a robust structure to support the weight and dimensions of the same and it has been equipped with a complete electrical distribution system that allows to sectorize and balance their consumption, while guaranteeing protection against any problem

An innovative feature of these screens is that they have ORIM technology, consisting of layers of optical resins, which give the screen robustness and improve its optical properties (greater viewing angle) without removing any brightness or contrast. an optical injection of resin in the LEDs that allows greater precision between modules. <0.02 mm. Horizontal and vertical viewing angle is optimized. 175º / 175º also increase the antistatic electricity protection. ESD> 10KV. All this with great protection against shock, water and fire (complies with standard U94-0).

“For this demanding project, we have not hesitated to continue betting on Alfalite technology and now with its ModularPix Pro 1 modules, which have already provided an excellent solution to the needs that arose in the different sets of RTVE, now providing a visualization and scenography system that, in one case, goes up to 8K horizontal resolution. The best visual solution for a clear preview of the contents during the broadcast of the RTVE news. ”(Rafael Zapardiel, Datos Media Sales department)

The image processing and scaling system is composed of NovaPro UHD integrates video processing, sending to LED screens up to 3840x2160 resolutions and the control system in a single product. NovaPro UHD has multiple 4K inputs, and 4K send capability. Thanks to the powerful and intuitive software, it allows the management of all signal inputs in up to 6 layers, which makes NOVAPRO UHD an ideal device for live events. With built-in LED display direct outputs, glitches are minimized. Independent 2-layer processing also allows for seamless change of special effects. By supporting remote or wired operation, a PC or mobile device can be used to control the system, adding convenience for the user.

The entire installation has been carried out without interrupting the production of the news, which has led to having to carry out exhaustive planning and a deployment of important human and technical resources to guarantee a seamless continuity in the production of the different contents.

These new screens provide great visual quality and appeal to the different content in RTVE"s news programs.

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