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A Punt renews the screens of its news studio

A Punt renews the screens of its news studio

04 d November dl 2021

Studio 3 of the À Punt Program Production Center has released a set from which the Valencian autonomous region broadcasts its news programs. Among the latest technology implemented stands out a 45m² LED videowall distributed in three screens configured by Alfalite panels in a project integrated by Datos Media.

The new eighteen-meter long giant screen allows the projection of photos, direct and headlines, while serving as a basis for the augmented reality that À Punt has begun to use in its news programs.

Informative set À Punt For this videowall the chosen option comes from the Spanish manufacturer Alfalite and in its ModularPix Pro P2,6 ORIM panels.

The Modularpix series is an adaptation of the Litepix LED panel, specifically designed for indoor fixed installation. Its high refresh rate and its fine pixel pitch with a no-cut module fit, high HDR dynamic range and low 18-bit latency have become a claim for television studios around the world to be adopting this technology avoiding the annoying moiré effect and unwanted reflections.

Its maintenance can be carried out both from the front and the rear without the need for tools and thanks to MOM technology it is possible to replace modules with a unified calibration.

These cabinets allow a concave / convex configuration of up to +/- 15º and have ORIM (Optical Resin Injection Module) technology that, through the use of resins, allow a precision / space between modules of only - <0.02 mm. In addition, it provides maximum protection against static electricity, resistance to fire, ease of cleaning and protection against shock and water.


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