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Castilla-La Mancha Media relies on Datos Media for the integration of Quantum products to update its archive.

Castilla-La Mancha Media relies on Datos Media for the integration of Quantum products to update its archive.

20 - September - 2021

Castilla La Mancha Media (CMM) is a public regional television that, as its name indicates, offers an information and entertainment service to Castilian-Mancha citizens by DTT in addition to distributing it to another public at a national or international level with cable and internet platforms. A means of communication that has been in service for around 20 years.

In these two decades of production, a large audiovisual archive catalog has been built that not only illustrates historical events in this region, but also accompanies national and international audiovisual events in that timeline. In addition, this catalog includes all the entertainment productions that have been produced in this entity.

"The evolution of formats and the passage of time make an update of the different components of the filing system crucial to continue offering a good public service. Therefore, it has been updated with Quantum products such as the Xcellis system and the integration experience of Datos Media Technologies. It has been carried out with the greatest security and without interrupting production workflows. "said Jesús Sanchez, Technical Director of Castilla-La Mancha Media.

Given the great value of this public audiovisual archive, it is crucial to have management and storage systems that guarantee security, quality, scalability when expanding, storage, durability, access speed, among others. A system that uses and protects that file against any problem (dust, light, blows, Ramsonware attacks, etc.) and that in turn updating it is not a problem.

In this case, CMM"s needs are based on an upgrade and expansion of its current filing system. A project in which those integration needs to be in safe that archive catalog.

“Taking into account the needs to update the current Castilla-La Mancha Media file system, we have opted for the integration of a system from the same brand, Quantum. With this installation, we have not only provided more storage but also high availability of all resources. All this installation has been done without interrupting production and respecting the existing archive material ” said Juan Francisco Navarro, Datos Media project manager.

For this reason, for this challenge, we have relied on the integration experience of Datos Media Technologies, and on Quantum products that meet all the demanded characteristics as well as having the good experience of their use in the archive department of this medium.

 In general terms, the installation has been developed respecting the current Tedial cataloging and downloading system and avoiding the interruption of production. An integrated stornext management software has been installed on some XWD and QXS storage servers as well as a Scalar i6000 robotic library.

“Castilla la Mancha Media and Datos have created a high performance, highly-scalable workflow to support the main regional television stations in Spain and national broadcasters across Europe,” said Sebastian Wainberg, Regional Sales Manager at Quantum. “By using multiple solutions within the Quantum StorNext platform, they have built an end-to-end solution to store, enrich, archive and manage massive amounts of unstructured video and laid the foundation for enormous growth and scalability—including supporting up to 8K resolution and multiple broadcast, post and archive workflows, anti-Ransomware protection, all with extreme resilience and integration in multi-cloud environments.”

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