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Datos Media is immersed in professional sound with Soundware

Datos Media is immersed in professional sound with Soundware

08 d May dl 2018

Since its creation, Datos Media has been working to consolidate its position as the main reference for broadcast integration services in our country, as well as an important position on the international scene. To achieve these objectives, the strategy in these five years has been to opt for an organic growth model.

We are pleased to present Soundware, the new commitment of Datos Media as a business division. The professional sound will be part of the integration services of the company, consolidating a great quality product for its customers. A new division that will include consulting, supply, integration and support services. A quality proposal that will have the best brands in the sector.

"Soundware is a new challenge for our company that will meet the needs of our customers in the field of professional sound. A new project to celebrate our five years in the broadcast market "(David Martinez, Datos Media COO)

"We have always opted for the adoption of new technologies in the production and distribution of audiovisual content. We want to continue there and our challenge has always been to seek our position of added value in a changing world, offering the best service to all companies in the sector from small companies to technological giants that are fully entering the audiovisual. Therefore, Datos Media takes a step further by betting on this new division including professional sound in our catalog of services "(Tomas Nielsen, CEO of Datos Media)

The high qualification has always been present at the time of the election of the members of the Datos Media team, adding in some cases more than 20 years of experience. Therefore, to lead Soundware, he has relied on the extensive experience of Raul Marin.

 Raul Marín is a renowned professional whose professional career is related to major brands in the sector. He has a deep knowledge of professional sound technology as well as decades of experience in management and installation of sound projects. To complement this profile it is worth noting that he is a musician and composer.


"We are experiencing a period in which many technologies, previously isolated, evolve hand in hand, converging to offer completely new experiences. The new formats of mix and exhibition, as well as content management or the unstoppable evolution of computer systems allow us results of wide functionality and high quality, but that increasingly requires the collaboration of expert professionals in different disciplines. With this new stage together with Datos Media, we hope to further increase our capacity to serve the increasingly sophisticated demand of our customers "(Raul Marín, Head of Soundware by Datos)

We remain a safe bet in the search and integration of broadcast solutions.

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