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Datos Media updates the archive system of Televisión Canaria.

Datos Media updates the archive system of Televisión Canaria.

16 - August - 2020

Datos Media has been in charge of updating the current Alto-II “all-disk” file system of Disk Archive Corporation of the Canary Television, which was initially configured for a storage of 1.6 PB.

For this update the third generation of ALTO has been integrated. This generation allows the use of hard drives of different sizes and brands at all times, thus offering us an excellent investment for future extensions. In addition, it gives a greater durability to the discs, as well as a notable energy saving, since it only uses the mechanics of the disc when access to it is required. It could reach a growth capacity of one Exabyte (1024 Peta Bytes).

This project is made up of two DAC systems, primary and redundant, made up of an ALTO III controller and three expansions, giving greater security to all archived material. It has a total capacity of 240 disks for each of the systems, starting from a total of 7.68 PB (3.8 PB for each system). All with Raid 10 protection. It also has a 10 Gb interconnection in each system, as well as another 10 Gb link to production.

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