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04 - November - 2021

A Punt renews the screens of its news studio

Studio 3 of the À Punt Program Production Center has released a set from which the Valencian autonomous region broadcasts its news programs. Among...
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10 - October - 2021

Why have TVE screens had a great impact?

During this last year, the TVE screens have offered a great visual impact for the viewer. From the different programs that are produced in Prado del...
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20 - September - 2021

Castilla-La Mancha Media relies on Datos Media for the integration of Quantum products to update its archive.

Castilla La Mancha Media (CMM) is a public regional television that, as its name indicates, offers an information and entertainment service to...
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04 - July - 2021

Datos Media integrates an Actus Digital system for compliance recordings on TVE.

Datos Media Technologies ( ) has been in charge of integrating a legal copy recording system with cloud availability for...
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22 - April - 2021

RTVE trusts in Datos Media to update its ingest system in the continuity department

Datos Media has been in charge of integrating a new high availability system for media validation and ingest flow management in the continuity...
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17 - February - 2021

Datos Media Technologies has integrated a screen system on the TVE News set

Datos Media has been responsible for the integration of an entire LED screen monitoring system for TVE on the news set. For this project, products of...
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